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Remodeling your bath on the arrangement isn’t as alarming a assignment as it sounds.

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Shop Kitchen Island Lighting at Lowes.com | lowes kitchen ceiling light fixtures

Sure, you can gut a bath and absorb bags of dollars renovating it, but you can save money on bath adjustment by afraid to a budget. It could amount as little as $500 and be able over a weekend.

“You can do abounding altered baby projects for beneath $500 in a bathroom,” says Sarah-Frances Wallace, a backer for Lowe’s. “Consider alteration out the bath accouterments with fixtures, add vanity lighting, change out anhydrate bars, about-face plants, battery head, battery hooks, besom holder, soap dispenser and the toilet seat.”

DIY Network able Paul Ryan agrees. “Changing accouterments can accomplish a huge difference.”

Such projects won’t affected a 1950s pink-and-black-tile scheme, but a few bucks and a little diaphoresis disinterestedness can transform a dull, unappealing bath into a bright, affable space.

First authorize a astute budget. In the afterward scenarios, Bankrate uses $500 as a beam for anniversary project.

Cost: $35 to $150

Arguably the beeline avenue to save money on your bath adjustment is through the acrylic administration at your bounded paint-specialty store, accouterments abundance or big-box home-improvement center.

As continued as you are painting, why not change the color? A cardinal of online sites, including Sherwin-Williams.com and HGTV.com, accommodate color-scheme ideas.

All acrylic isn’t created equal, though. Don’t cut corners. You’re activity to do the assignment anyway, so absorb the added $15 per gallon for affection paint. According to Wallace, you can apparently get abroad after a album covering if you use high-quality acrylic unless the walls are decrepit or abominably chipped. However, be able to administer two coats of the accomplishment blush if needed.

If you don’t appetite to do the math, about 1 gallon of acrylic covers 350 aboveboard feet. For a added absolute estimate, use Bankrate’s calculator for free how abundant acrylic you will need.

Choose a acrylic that is mildew-resistant and formulated for mild environments, such as the Valspar Ultra Premium Interior Kitchen & Bath Enamel awash at Lowe’s for $32 per gallon.

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Cost: $25 to $200

Simply replacing items such as anhydrate racks, vanity aperture and drawer pulls, and the toilet cardboard holder can radically amend a bathroom. As a stand-alone activity or allotment of a added across-the-board remodeling, you can save money and accomplish a big aberration in your bathroom’s appearance.

About aperture and drawer hardware, Ryan says to “select a few samples at a home abundance and see how they look. If you accept double-screw handles, accomplish abiding the new handles band up.”

At Lowe’s, handles and knobs alpha beneath $1 and ambit up to $129. At CoolKnobsandPulls.com, they run from $1 to $132, depending on materials, accomplishment and workmanship.

Most door-drawer cull abstracts will attending beginning for a continued time. But Wallace says, “Ceramic and acrylics tend to actualization clay more, so they will charge to be wiped bottomward added frequently than metals.”

Search “towel bars” at HomeDepot.com and a alternative of added than 450 pop up priced from $5 for an 18-inch copse bar to $459 for a 24-inch assumption bar.

Home Depot’s added than 300 toilet cardboard holder choices activate at $4 and amplify to $386, with the prices capricious according to manufacturer, actual and design.

Cost: $150 to $400

According to Wallace, replacing items such as a battery curtain, rugs, towels and window curtains can badly change a bathroom’s actualization and crave about no diaphoresis equity.

Many online retailers such as Kohls.com, Macys.com or PopularHomeCollections.com booty best of the assumption out of alteration your accents and accessories by alms analogous sets. Typically, these can be purchased as abstracted items, so you can buy alone what you appetite or can afford.

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Cost: $35 to $499

Upgrading a battery arch is a almost arrangement and low-effort bath adjustment project. Faucets are added complex. Websites such as Lowes.com and HomeDepot.com action step-by-step tutorials.

Upgrading faucets can be pricey, but if you are adamant in your efforts to save money and break on budget, it can be done for beneath than the $500 limit.

Finishes vary. “Some of the best accepted are chrome and brushed nickel, with some new finishes including brownish colors,” says Wallace. Remember, as you accomplish changes in these key items, finishes should match, if not styles as well.

Wallace says battery active abatement into two basal categories: bank arise and hand-held. Subcategories accommodate accepted and rain shower.

Because you are advance rather than aloof replacing a battery head, apprehend to absorb amid $35, for the Glacier Bay Drenching 8-inch Downpour Battery Arch in chrome at Home Depot, and $427 for a Barclay Brushed Nickel Apollo Showerhead at Lowe’s.

A complete tub-shower aggregate will amount amid $115 for the Moen Chrome 2-Handle Tub & Battery Faucet for $74 at Lowe’s and the Price Pfister Ashfield Tub and Battery Faucet Set-Up for $235 to $260 — depending on accomplishment — at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sink faucets at several websites surveyed run from $13 to $350.

Cost: $30 to $499

Vanities run the area from abominable to elegant. Where castigation is on this spectrum will actuate if you appetite to accommodate it in your bath adjustment plans.

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A $500 account restricts the chase to vanity-and-countertop combinations. Unless you acquisition a abundant arrangement somewhere, any vanity added than 40 inches apparently can’t be replaced for beneath than $500.

At Home Depot, you can advancement to a new vanity for as little as $149 for the St. Paul Chelsea 24-inch Vanity. It includes a ceramics adverse top. A 37-inch RSI Palisades vanity with granite top costs $489.

No amount its width, if your vanity is wood, you additionally can renew its actualization with paint. Use a high-end acrylic acrylic with a high-gloss finish. A gallon costs about $30.

Ryan recommends removing the doors and all the accouterments afore painting. “Use a acrylic paint, and agilely beach and prime the surfaces first,” he says.

Cost: $30 to $350

According to Ryan, on a adversity calibration in which bristles is best difficult, replacing best bath ablaze accessories is a two. With some care, you can do it after an electrician. “You accept to apperceive how a beam accoutrement works, if the ablaze will fit and how to angle up the wires,” he says.

Make abiding you cast the adapted ambit breaker to cut off the electricity breeze to your bath afore accomplishing it.

Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com and added websites accommodate easy-to-follow instructions on alteration a ablaze fixture.

Replacing the ablaze accoutrement is an befalling to ensure its accomplishment matches added bath hardware, such as faucets and drawer pulls.

Offered at lighting-specialty shops and big-box home-improvement stores, a huge array of styles and types will accommodated anyone’s needs.