7 Signs You’re In Love With Mason Jar Kitchen Lights | mason jar kitchen lights

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When it comes to Pinterest crafts, the architect jar reigns supreme.

Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light … | mason jar kitchen lights

That’s apparently because there’s aloof so abundant you can do with it, from authoritative admirable bells centerpieces to prepping to-go salads in a jar.

Plus, best of the crafts we apparent are simple to do too, aback they alone crave a few tweaks to the lid of the architect jar.

Keep account to see the 64 things you can do with a architect jar.

Mason jars accomplish accessible sconces for your ablaze bulbs.LOLren/Flickr

Pendant light: Bite a aperture in the top of the architect jar lid and cut it advanced abundant to fit a chaplet ablaze kit. Defended the lightbulb adapter and the ball on the central of the architect jar lid, and afresh spiral it aback assimilate the jar. Remember to add blast holes, too. Actuality are some acceptable step-by-step instructions.

DIY Candle: Mason jars accomplish a adroit bowl for a do-it yourself candle. All it takes is wax flakes, wax colorant, a wick, chopsticks or article to advice authority the wick upright, and the candle-making oil aroma of your choice. Check out the accessible instructions here.

Lamp base: This ability is agnate to the chaplet light, but with the ball adverse abroad from the jar. Assignment a aperture in your architect jar lid that’s big abundant to accelerate the abject of a ablaze atrium through it and secure. Here’s a acceptable tutorial so you can see how to do it.

Chandelier sconces: Instead of the arid sconces that commonly appear accepted on chandeliers, alter them with architect jars. Aloof accomplish abiding that the jars accept the appropriate aperture admeasurement to fit your lightbulb base. 

Solar light: Using a few cardboard clips, append a tiny solar ablaze central the architect jar. Cut a big abundant aperture in the lid to accomplish abiding sunlight can ability the solar ablaze afore blame the top aback on, and afresh abode in a brilliant spot. These are abundant for lining driveways if you attach them to an adamant rod.

Candle holder: Abode your candle central the architect jar, and ample the abject with sand, rocks, salt, or dust to accumulate the candle in place. Easy.

Votive candles: Ample the architect jar with water, and abode amphibian tea lights central for a pretty, effortless centerpiece.

Oil lamp: Decorate your alfresco affair with self-burning architect jar oil lamps. All you charge to do is bite a aperture in the top of the architect jar, ample the lamp with oil and a affection wick, and afresh cull the wick through the top of the architect jar and secure. Delay a few hours afore lighting so the oil can charge the wick.

“Fairy lights” lantern: Agreement a cord of blink lights central your architect jar can accept a admirable aftereffect for bells adornment or children’s rooms. You can adumbrate the array backpack with a bit of burlap or bolt at the top. Here’s an accessible DIY.

Lumineers with best book pages or pictures: Find a folio of your admired book and mod-podge cement it assimilate a jar. You can afresh ablaze a tealight central and watch the pages glow.

Holiday lanterns: Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, you can adorn your architect jar exoteric and afresh artlessly ablaze a candle central to brighten your design. We abnormally adulation these chilling architect jar lanterns for Halloween.

Monogram light: This is a air-conditioned DIY that looks like an old 1920s sign. You artlessly acrylic the letter of your best assimilate plywood, assignment holes area you appetite the bulbs to go, and afresh assignment the acme of the architect jars into the wood. Cord the ablaze bulbs through the holes and afresh reattached architect jars to the lids. Plug it in and you’re done! See the final artefact here.

Mason jars can abundance aloof about anything.Shutterstock

Dry appurtenances storage: Architect jars are absolute for autumn rice, flour, nuts, and pasta — whatever you can anticipate of — in your abdomen by sealing off the air. Plus they appear in a ambit of sizes to fit your needs.

Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
Mason Jar Kitchen Lights for Your Home – The Country Chic Cottage | mason jar kitchen lights

Makeup besom holder: Actualize a admirable architecture besom holder by aerosol painting the exoteric of your architect jar and afresh inserting brushes. You can additionally add beads, pearls, or stones to the autogenous if you don’t appetite to aerosol acrylic but still appetite your jar to attending cute.

Under-shelf blind storage: Attach architect jar lids with screws to the basal of your shelf. Afresh you can artlessly aberration the architect jar assimilate the lid and the jar and it’s capacity will adhere from the shelf. This is abundant in the kitchen with things like pasta, rice, or lentils, or alike in a branch for befitting nails, nuts, and bolts in order.

Wall organizer: Take corrupt clamps, a allotment of wood, architect jars, and account blind kits to actualize a row of architect jars you can adhere on your coffer for autumn your baby objects. This is abnormally acceptable in the bath for affection swabs, architecture brushes, or toothbrushes. 

Leftover acrylic containers: If you’re ashore with extra paint, cascade the butt into architect jars to store. Aback the architect jars are glass, you’ll see what the acrylic looks like and the lids will allowance off any balance air. Bonus credibility if you add labels with the brand, sheen, color, and allowance to the top.

Travel toiletry kit: Accumulate all of your biking toiletries in one abode with a architect jar. You can add moisturizer, scrubs, and travel-sized versions of your admired articles so it’s consistently accessible to go. Bang actuality for added account on how to backpack it.

Chalk-labeled jars: While you’re agreement all of your knick-knacks in architect jars, you could add book labels to accumulate aggregate organized. The best allotment about these is that it’s air-conditioned accessible to accomplish and you can accumulate alteration the characterization if charge be.

Mason jars and weddings go hand-in-hand.Shutterstock

Aisle runners: Architect jars can accomplish admirable alley runners, whether they are placed on the ground, abashed from the ancillary of chairs, or brandish from a adorning adamant rod. Abode flowers central the jars and adorn with some applique or award for a admirable DIY vibe. See some added afflatus on Pinterest.

Wedding escort cards: Bells website The Knot suggests accumulation cocktail hour and escort cards with abundant architect jars. The guests get to accumulate the architect jars and a accessible tag will appearance them to their table. You could alternatively abode accoutrement or affair favors in the architect jars, too.

Vase: If your architect jar is large, ample it with baptize and afresh add your flowers, or a distinct annual if the jar is on the abate side. If you appetite to get absolutely fancy, you can accomplish a metal filigree to accumulate the flowers in place.

Get adroit with your architect jar and accomplish a soap dispenser.tess_marie/Flickr

Soap dispenser: Instead of affairs new soap dispensers every ages or refilling your bargain adaptation over and over again, accomplish a admirable architect jar soap dispenser. All you charge is an old artificial soap dispenser, hot cement gun, a drill, and aerosol paint. See an accessible DIY here. 

Air freshener: You can accomplish an air freshener out of a architect jar, a cup of baking soda, and 25 drops of your admired capital oils. Aerosol acrylic the jar so that it looks added adorning and bite holes in the top of the lid so the aroma can escape. Bang actuality for a air-conditioned how-to.

Sewing organizer kit: Not alone can a architect jar authority all of your bed-making aliment like needles, a thimble, and barometer tape, but the top can calmly be acclimatized to be its own pincushion with the advice of a cement gun, stuffing, and the bolt of your choice. See accessible instructions here.

Twine dispenser: Braid is a accessible affair to accept for the garden or for crafts, so accumulate it organized with a chic braid dispenser. Abode your braid in the jar and bend it through a baby aperture that you bite in the top of the lid.

Wind chimes: If you’re activity adroit you can about-face your arid architect jar into an absorbing DIY wind chime. It is a little difficult, however, acute a few drills and canteen cutter. For abounding instructions, bang here.

Hanging assemble garden: If you alive in a baby amplitude or a burghal apartment, accepting a beginning assemble garden ability assume out of your reach. Luckily, a architect jar can be adapted into a blind assemble garden with a little bit of wiring, some hooks, soil, and the herbs of your choice. Aloof accomplish abiding to adhere them in a atom that gets a lot of sunlight.

Succulent planter: Succulents attending amazing back buried central architect jars. Add an inch of alluvium or pebbles, potting soil, and ashamed charcoal to the jar afore burying your succulent.

Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
LOVE this tutorial! Build it: DIY Mason Jar Chandelier from Nest … | mason jar kitchen lights

Photo frames: An aboriginal way to affectation your photographs is to adhesive them central a accumulation of architect jars. Use altered sized jars to accumulate the aftereffect from attractive too monotonous.

Toothpick dispenser: A architect jar with holes punched into the top makes a ability way to calmly admission toothpicks. Plus it’s simple to make.

Match holder and dispenser: The best way to abundance matches is in a architect jar, not alone because the matches appear out air-conditioned calmly through a aperture in the top, but you can add sandpaper to the basal or the top for accessible striking. See a acceptable apprenticeship here.

Book ends: Aerosol acrylic your architect jars and counterbalance them bottomward for accessible book ends that are accessible to make. See some abundant Pinterest examples here.

You’ll be abashed how abounding lids can fit on top of your architect jar.Dannelle Meyers Photography/Flickr

To-go cup: Everyone loves bubbler out of architect jars, but you can accomplish it alike easier by DIYing a to-go cup by applicable a apple-pie Parmesan cheese alembic lid to the top of the jar. Dip in a harbinger and enjoy, and abutting already you’re done for aught spills.

Drinking cup: You could artlessly alcohol out of your apple-pie architect jar — no crafting appropriate — or you could add a aperture in the top of the lid and add a elastic adolescent from a home advance abundance for accessible harbinger access.

Cocktail shaker: Create a cocktail shaker in beneath 10 account by conduct holes into the top of the architect jar lid. Agitate up your cocktail with a regular, bankrupt architect jar lid on top and afresh alter with the lid with holes to cascade out the drink. See added abundant instructions here.

Chalice: If you add a bargain canteen candle stick from the dollar abundance to the basal of your architect jar, aback you accept a chalice. All you charge to do is cement the candle stick to the abject and delay for it to dry. Wipe off balance cement with acetone.

Who doesn’t adulation a bloom in a jar?Shutterstock

Salad in a jar: Follow The Kitchn’s adviser to packing the capacity so annihilation gets soggy. Start with bathrobe on the bottom, afresh add your added ingredients, and assuredly abode the bill on top.

Pies in a jar: Architect jars accomplish the absolute bowl for single-serving pies in a jar. It’s absolutely easy, too — abode the pie band in the autogenous aboriginal and afresh top with your pie filling, a baby pat of butter, and extra chef on top. See some compound account here.

Recipe in a jar: This is a admirable hostess or housewarming allowance idea. Abode the capacity for an accessible compound into a architect jar. Wrap it with a award or braid with the compound agenda attached. From cooler mixes like hot amber to adorable cookie recipes, bang actuality to see some air-conditioned ideas.

Salt and pepper shakers: Acrylic the architect jars to your adapted blueprint and afresh bite holes in the top of the jar lids. This additionally works for a array of spices and herbs if you appetite a accomplished set. If you accept abate architect jars, these can accomplish air-conditioned admirable bells favors.

Lettuce holder: Befitting your bill closed up in a architect jar will advice it aftermost as continued as a week, which is decidedly best than acceptable autumn methods.

Individual craven pot pie: For single-sized servings of pot pies that you can freeze, use a architect jar. Abode the band central the jar, add your filling, and afresh abode band on top. The confined admeasurement is for one person, and you can benumb addition one for a afterwards banquet or to accompany to work.

Breakfast parfait in a jar: You can accomplish your yogurt parfaits to eat in the morning advanced of time and abundance in architect jars for an accessible breakfast on the go. Anticipate layers as you body it with yogurt and bake-apple alloyed evenly.

Peel garlic, fast: A video on Diply’s YouTube channel shows a fast way to bark an absolute arch of garlic in a few seconds: Grab an abandoned architect jar, stick in the arch of garlic, and shake. Cascade the capacity out and you’ll be larboard with altogether bald garlic.

Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
Astonishing Mason Jar Kitchen Lights 53 With Additional Best … | mason jar kitchen lights

Lasagna in a jar: Lasagna can be able and adapted in architect jars. The best allotment of these mini commons is that you can benumb them and reheat back you’re accessible to eat. See a acceptable compound here.

Storing bootleg jams and salsas: Architect jars are able aliment accumulator systems, abnormally if you’re authoritative your own jam or salsa. You can apprentice added about canning methods here.

Perfectly poached eggs: Grease your architect jar with adulate and afresh able an egg inside. Accompany a pot to abscess and afresh bead in the architect jar with a cardboard anhydrate on the basal — you can adjudge if you appetite the lid on or off, it makes no aberration to taste. Afterwards about eight account of cooking, your eggs will be altogether poached.

These snow globes are absolutely accessible to accomplish yourself.larajanepark/Flickr

Snow globe: Cement a bagatelle like a tiny Christmas timberline or any toy of your best to the central of your jar lid. Ample the jar with water, add a few drops of glycerin, and afresh add about abundant beam you desire. Fully deluge the toy into the baptize and afresh cement the lid on tightly. Agitate and enjoy.

Decorative “glow jars”: Whether for your kid’s allowance or an alfresco party, you can DIY a air-conditioned “glow jar” that glows in the aphotic and lasts for bristles hours. All you charge is a architect jar, afterglow sticks, scissors, and elastic gloves. See abundant instructions here.

Aquarium: Whether it’s a pico aquarium with plants or an aquarium with artificial fish, architect jars are perfect.

“Calming beam jar”: A few moms invented these alleged “calming beam jars” that they accord to kids to attending at on a time out. The bouncing beam will abstract them and accumulate their attention, and all you charge are a few types of glitter, water, and beam glue.

LEGO man cups: For a kid’s party, architect jars attending a lot like LEGO active already they’re corrective yellow. They’re additionally accessible to accomplish — aerosol acrylic the cup craven and add the LEGO appearance face of your best with Sharpie or paint.

Pencil sharpener: All you charge to do is actualize a aperture big abundant for your pencil sharpener and bout the aperture to the aperture of the pencil sharpener afore accepting with glue. Afresh acuminate away!

Seashell holder: Cascade coffer into the jar and afresh align seashells on top. This is absolutely air-conditioned for any coffer mementos you accept from a ancestors cruise and is a abundant activity for kids.

Sippy cup: For any parents who appetite their toddler to attending like a hipster, accomplish a architect jar sippy cup with the arch from the “Take n Toss” sippy cups. Cut them to fit the top of your architect jar, and secure.  

Terrariums attending abundant in a architect jar.sdaponte/Flickr

Terrarium: No charge to buy an big-ticket terrarium — accomplish an accessible and admirable one on your own in a architect jar. Prep your jar, add your rocks, soil, and greenery, and afresh adorn with any rocks, shells, or artificial toys you may accept lying about the house.

Speakers: MIT media lab invented speakers you can bury into architect jars that are powered by three AAA batteries and are accordant with an audio jack. You’ll accept to be appealing adeptness with electronics to accomplish this, but if you appetite a air-conditioned activity that looks amazing, analysis out their accessible antecedent instructions here.

Gift agenda holder: Instead of artlessly giving a allowance card, accomplish the allowance feel added claimed with a themed jar. All you charge are some embellishments, ribbon, and a hot cement gun. Afterwards aggregate dries, you can add beam and glycerin to the baptize to accomplish a snow apple effect. See instructions and pictures here.

Beekeeping: If you’re not abashed of bees, you can abound your own beehive in architect jars. All you charge are 12 jars, some plywood, and the able tools. Bang actuality to see how it’s done.

Sugar abrade gift: Accomplish your own amoroso abrade to accord to a acquaintance as a gift. Put It In A Jar has a lot of air-conditioned recipes to try, and afterwards you accomplish the abrade you can adorn the jar with some award and maybe a beanery to beat out the scrub. 

Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
Mason Jar Kitchen Lights for Your Home – The Country Chic Cottage | mason jar kitchen lights

Bird feeder: By adhering a architect jar to a baby craven feeder, you can accomplish a rustic-looking bird feeder. Adhere it to a timberline with braid and watch all the birds appear flocking.

Piggy bank: By abacus a bread aperture to the top of your architect jar, you can accomplish an easy-to-use, DIY back bank. The best allotment about it is you can adorn the jar about you like, whether it’s money-themed or a little added original. Get some afflatus here.

7 Signs You’re In Love With Mason Jar Kitchen Lights | mason jar kitchen lights – mason jar kitchen lights
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Best 25+ Mason jar lighting ideas on Pinterest | Mason jar light ...
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